100 Followers & Updates!

Actual place in Washington state, Stop Semen Sock! 🤣
This is an actual place in Washington state…


Thank you everyone for following the blog! Thank you!

Post days for 2021:

After a grueling posting marathon in December, I’m returning to posting twice a week. Saturday and 1 day during the week which I haven’t decided yet. I need to do some research to decide the best day to blog other than Saturday. This will depend on the next job I get and it’s schedule.

This has been a hard week, with a good job ending on Monday, and I was broken up with. Naturally, I’m depressed and feel like shit today. I need to catch up on blogs I follow since I let that slide last month. I feel I’m still in the process of discovering of what to write about. I’m getting really fed up of the minimum wage lifestyle, so blogging for a living… With all of its work feels far better to do for work than being a wage slave. College is a possibility in the future, but I am not doing anything else online.

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Please wear a mask outside that covers your mouth and nose, wash your hands, clean your cell phone, and keep your physical distance (6 feet) from others to fight Covid-19! 

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