Monthly Archives: January 2022

I caught Covid.

Picture of a Binax Now brand covid test, with a positive result.
What a positive covid test looks like

I’ve been really busy this month

Last weekend, I got the news nobody wants to hear… A coworker came into work positively and spread it. They didn’t know they had it. I was feeling off on the 15th but was well enough to go about my weekend. Monday, I woke up and felt like shit. As I’d done the entire pandemic, I stayed home because I was sick.

Tuesday morning I still felt like shit and took the at-home test shown above. Results: positive. Fuck.

So, I’ve been home this week. Fever, chills, muscle weakness and pain, runny nose, head fog, dizziness, fatigue, occasional confusion, coughing, and trouble breathing sometimes.

It sucks. Thank science for the vaccine.

This after the previous week, I was promoted to department lead. That week, we did well, and I was blown away by all the positive feedback… But that’s another post. (On the way, been on hold)

I’m waiting on the PCR test results I took yesterday. Driving to get that and treating myself to Taco Time wiped me out.

Thankfully, work immediately took action, and the owner immediately bought take-home tests for everyone, and they tested everyone. Also, they finally increased our safety requirements which have been a bit lax so far. It seems more tested positive recently, so I hope it’s not too bad. We require everyone to be fully vaccinated and have for months. This incident goes to show just how dangerous the coronavirus is.

I’m only not boosted because my previous two appointments were canceled due to illness. (My doctor, then me.) I couldn’t get a booster appointment because it’s been so in demand in Seattle. Welp, I’ll be getting it eight weeks after I recover. (8 weeks after because that is the best time for your immune system to recover.)


A New Year, 2022.

Picture of cat paw prints in a doorway.
It’s been cold, and snowy. Coco spent like 20 minutes total outside last week.


The past week has been stressful. I’ve been sick since Christmas Eve and worried that it’s Covid. Muscle pain, physical exhaustion, weakness, dry cough, dizziness, mild breathing problems. I had to cancel a doctor’s appointment because of Duh! So no flu shot or covid booster. And it snowed 3x this week, so it wasn’t easy to get a test. I couldn’t drive because of my symptoms, and I didn’t feel safe because of the snow. I tried to wait in line at the closest test station but had to have made a prior appointment. No luck and every place in the county was booked for days… I managed to get one for Monday.

I missed a week of work, thankfully, my job was incredibly understanding, and said: “No worries… and to get healthy.”

My mom helped me get an at-home test from Walgreens, and I tested myself on two days. Results: Negative, negative. I’m grateful, but I will feel much better later this week with the more accurate test at the station. I’m like 90% recovered and going back to work tomorrow.

So far, it’s Covid zero, healthy 3. I want to keep it this way. I’m so exhausted by the pandemic. Self-isolating makes me stir crazy.

I found out that my cousin died of covid on Christmas. Damn. I don’t know how to feel yet.


It’s a new year, and I don’t care. I’m ready for covid to die out, and every day is like: “Are we there yet?” I’m alive; that is something.

I want to move out on my own this year. I’m so tired of having no social life due to the pandemic. I’m bored of spending all my free time on my computer or phone. I don’t see people or do stuff because I’m afraid of getting covid. And not being able to fully trust people to be honest about their vaccine status or simply not knowing they have Covid Delta/Omicron.

I’m not sure what I want in terms of goals. I think I’m ready to date again. I deleted Tinder and hinge back in September due to frustration. I learned that I don’t like texting as a primary form of communication with strangers. Dating and relationships are so complex as is. Also, I’m not a big texter.

It’s been three months since I stopped my antidepressant. I’ve been doing alright. (Well, as alright as anyone is these days 😅)

One thing I want to change this year is not to be so hard on myself.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Stay safe out there. It still is The Pandemic. Mask up, and get the vaccine.