One vote in seattle part 5: Election day finale

Candidate #31: Joshua Freed. Republican party.

Overall impression: Boy all these Republicans running this year are starting to run together. I don’t get their fetish for saying they are married and having kids. Congratulations, you’ve had sex atleast 5 times before…

Petty, I know.

Honestly the profiles by actual elected people are so boring I feel I’m pulling teeth trying to find stuff wrong with them. He feels like a typical elected Republican in this state.

Weird stuff: Led the fight against government run heroin injection sites through Initiative 27″ I know he meant being against drug injection sites anywhere, but this reads like he rather want privatized heroin injection sites. The problem is that these already exist. You can get them in pill form from most doctors offices! Warning may cause death from overdose.

“and public health bureaucrats spent time pushing for heroin injection sites instead of preparing for a pandemic.” It is possible to prepare for both. But this is deliberately shady because Trump wasn’t prepared, not Inslee.

“Our five kids join us in serving the disadvantaged around the world.” I’m confident in saying that I doubt they have much choice in this. Next.

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