One vote in seattle part 5: Election day finale

Candidate #28: Cairo D’Almeida. Democratic party.

Overall impression: Classic left wing Democratic candidate. Coming from the union side of the party as shown by being the president of his Union chapter since 2014. No shortage of qualifications as shown by his PHD, and community service as part of union.

Weird stuff: The Police; firefighter and schools, should have better and more up-to-date technology.” This makes me weary based on how up to date technology and equipment has been used by Police all over the country this year to suppress and to silence protestors. I would need clarification on this point.

“Our 70 million backup army does not kill innocent people, criminals use guns to kill innocent people!” Is he referring to gun owners with this? Also, guns kill people. Anyone with a gun can kill, not just criminals. This whole phrase is unclear and distracting. My guess is that he meant he favors Gun control. Next.

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