One vote in seattle part 5: Election day finale

Candidate #26: Cregan M. Newhouse. No party preference.

Overall Impression: Solid if boring profile until the Statement section, which lost me. I don’t need or care about your entire life story, you already said your qualifications. Most of his statement reminds me of how my brother and I ‘fluffed’ school papers back in middle/high school to fit the word count. Aka unnecessary bullshit ( A vital life skill). I don’t mind if you worked in the entertainment industry. That is experience. All you needed was this:

“I have been in public service for eleven years, working closely with city, state and county agencies. I am best positioned to oversee the executive branch of our state, and will make the most efficient use of my time while never fundraising. In addition to working across the aisle, the Governor needs to thoroughly understand all state agencies, and earn the respect of employees and the public. I have demonstrated the ability to work with all levels of government, bringing together opposing ideas for stronger solutions.”

Other than that I get too much of a Milhouse impression…

…Which isn’t a good thing in a competitive race… Next.

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