One vote in seattle part 5: Election day finale

Candidate #30: Jay Inlsee. Democratic Party. Current Governor of WA.

Overall impression: It’s hard not to like the current Governor when he has been leading the way during the Covid-19 outbreak. WA state is 22/50 in total cases for Covid. Only 810 daily cases per 10,000. While that daily case count sounds high, its in the bottom portion of states for the daily case count according to the NY Times tracker. I can’t be the only one who thinks Inslee could be a look alike of Sylvester Stallone? Right?

Sources: 1 , 2

Overall impression, continued: Jay has been in politics in this state a long time. Showing how having politics as a career can be a good thing if you don’t let the darkness swallow you. He’s been working for us since 1989, and been Governor since 2013. I honestly didn’t know much about him before he dropped out of the race for the Democratic race for U.S. president. He grew on me, even though Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were also running. It was a shame his campaign didn’t pick up, but I am glad he is our governor. I’d be shocked if he didn’t win this Primary. His profile is a perfect example of showing he is clearly qualified and experienced in this job for Governor.

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