One vote in seattle, part 4

Candidate #25: Nate Herzog. Pre2016 Republican Party.

Overall impression: Center right Bush Era Republican with local elected experience.

Weird stuff: “As an anti-Trump Republican, I know Washingtonians appreciate a leader who tells it like it is. Many of my fellow Republicans get upset when I say Donald Trump is a phony and an assclown. As is Tim Eyman. Fair enough. Never heard this perspective before. He seems middle ground.

I’m writing this in May, as a first time, soon-to-be dad late this summer, wondering about the world into which my daughter will be born. 2020 will be a depression year: GDP down 10%, DOW below 20,000, 40 million unemployed, and staggering deaths from coronavirus. But out of despair… we can find hope.” Dude this race is for the State of Washington. Those are national stats that are going on 2+ months old.

“It’s time to End 36 Years of One-Party Rule. I support two-year terms for the Governorship. If elected, I will step aside in 2022 so Washingtonians can elect a new Governor that November. I invite you right now to pause your reading, and visit” Dude, why are you wasting everyone’s time on a proposal that isn’t realistic. If you are going to quit after 2 years, why should I vote for you? He says it better in his own words about current Governor Inlsee: “All for a miserably failed campaign in which he never had a chance.” Next.

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