One vote in seattle, part 4


Current progress: 25/37 candidates. Election day: August 4th.

Once again, Incubus, the music of the post:

Now I know why “King County Elections does not correct punctuation, grammar, or fact check candidate and measure statements.” Because doing so would make a person insane! I’m still here… for now. 😐

I just realized while writing this post that I’ve basically wrote this in the style of a “Professional sports prospect article.” Such as 2021 NFL draft prospects. Fans take the time to individually “scout” potential future NFL players at the NCAA football level of play. Every year these fans rank and sort college players. Then they do a blog post (colloquially known as a mock draft) on their personal websites such as this: Walterfootball 2021 Mock Draft. I’ve been into mock drafts for pro sports now since about 2007, when I was a hardcore MLB Seattle Mariners fan. After years of them sucking, I’ve becoming a spurned lover, and only casually follow Pro baseball. Being a Seattle Mariners fan is like being in an abusive relationship. They keep saying they will change for the better, but every year you are left hurt. They are the only MLB team to not make it to the World Series. The ultimate humiliation as a sports fan.

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