One vote in seattle, part 4

Candidate #20: Dylan B. Nails. Independent Party.

Overall impression: 20 years old with no professional experience and still in college. “Dylan’s weakness is also what makes him shine as a candidate. While Dylan is young, and may be lacking some of the elected experience his opponents may have, he brings as fresh, new outlook and perspective for Washington State, that is both beneficial and crucial for the next stage in our States history. As a college student, he is not looking to make a career in politics, but in fact getting in, and getting what needs to be done for Washington State accomplished. He can’t wait to see what the future holds, and looks forward to seeing what he can do for our State.” I feel like a bitter old man saying this, but this kid isn’t ready yet. He’s too optimistic. Finish college, and or work for a few years outside of politics. The world is a harsh, cruel place. If he’s still optimistic after that, I’ll believe him. Good luck kid.



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