One vote in seattle, part 4

Candidate #22: David W. Blomstrom. Fifth Republic Party. (Aka his own he made up. Read at your own peril)

Weird stuff: “We meet again. I ran for this office in 2016, introducing a word I coined. Do you remember that word?” XD No.

“I’ve learned a lot since then. In fact, I’ve been working on a series of books focusing on politix, as I call it. They include the first ever general political reference focusing on Washington State and its de facto capital, Seattle. SeaWA Politix and what may be the first truthful book about Bill Gates will be published before the general election. A third book, focusing on coronavirus conspiracy theories will probably be published by the time you read this. You can learn about my books.” Really. You are advertising your own books in a profile? Wow. Further…

“On the international scene, we need to put an end to our decades-old tirade against China. I view China as a friend. Israel is the enemy. In fact, my book SeaWA Politix is illustrated with photos taken with a Chinese Huawei smartphone, which boasts the best camera(s) of any smartphone. 😬 Man, I hope I don’t get in trouble for quoting that first part, because I’m not going to touch that subject with a thousand mile pole. Way to eliminate a big base of voters with one line. And lost everyone else with that last gem. LOL.

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