One vote in seattle, part 4

Well that got weird fast. Hopefully this next candidate will be normal.

Welp. Least he ran for Mayor.

Candidate #18: William (Bill) Miller. American Patriot Party.

Overall impression: Sparse profile, and a terrible picture of himself. Dude, you couldn’t take 2 minutes to take several selfies to show a non cutoff picture? Lol.

Weird stuff: “Ran for Mayor of the City of Kennewick.” I can’t decide if it’s worse to say this, than to leave the section empty. Other Professional Experience:“I have worked with diverse and various experienced co-workers, through my 45 years employed for the Railway Industry.” Way to point out you are a white guy, and worked with *gasp* diverse people! Because that never happens in 2020… Having a diverse workplace… Also, you never got any industry certifications? This is an online resume for WA Governor. Why would i hire you?

The vote of the American people is sacred and will not be dismissed. Voters rights will always hold true and fair. I will give one half of my pay to the science of COVID-19 or similar transmitted diseases. I am not a career politician, but will do the best of my ability, so help me God. I will try to do what is right, because it takes twice as much energy to correct a wrong. According to Business insider, This is $183,072 a year. Giving $91,536 a year is a nice gesture. Dude, take your own advice and spend way more time proofreading your own statement for clarity. Trying is not enough. I’ve already put more effort into this review than this candidate.

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