One vote in Seattle, part 3.

Candidate #9: Omari Tahir Garrett. Democratic Party. No picture or experience.

Overall impression: Our first crazy Democratic Party candidate. I don’t even know why this guy is running. The only realistic option is issue #8, “Limit “police” to 5-year terms—in which they must complete teacher’s certificate qualifications and then teach for 5 years before returning to law enforcement—to prevent PTSD and stop criminals hiding behind government issued badges / guns.” But, I’m not sure that would actually solve the huge problems with police brutality and racism. #7 is an interesting concept, I wonder if that is a realistic thing that could happen with a proper plan? Other than that, I’m not voting for this person. This is just as extremist as the previous Trump candidates such as the previous candidate in this article. America does not need more extremist candidates without any professional experience or education being in power.

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