One vote in Seattle, part 2.

Part 2 of Fridays post (One vote in Seattle, Part 1.) 1976 words.

The 🔥 continues…

I’m trying something different this week with this series of posts. I’m considering to post more often until I get another job. I was reminded today, that the WA primary election is on August 4th, which is 7 days from now. So, my goal is to complete my review of the 37 candidates by then.

Monday was fucking hot. As hot as putting your hand into a 450 degree oven. It was 93F on Monday in Seattle. I believe the hottest day so far this year. So I didn’t feel like doing much of anything, let alone writing… The days in 2020 are blending together. My mom said something about last year earlier today. I said “Last. Year?” What’s that?” With dry sarcasm. 2019 feels like a decade ago in 2020 America. At this point, the only thing that would surprise me would be “First Contact” with aliens. The only small amount of influence I have is to vote. I’m lucky, and grateful to live in a state with mail in voting. It’s so simple, and safe that seeing other places fight against it is like arguing against modern plumbing. Sure you can shit in an outhouse. But why would you when you can go number two inside where it’s far more comfortable and convenient? Utter blasphemy. First world problems, lol.

Anyway, here’s the next 5 candidates running for the Governor of Washington State…

Picture of the voters ballot in WA. Picture focus is of the candidates running for state governor.
37 different people running for governor this year! Progress! And horror because now I have to review all of these! Oof.

To my horror today, I opened my ballot and saw the photo above. I assumed going into this writing project that I could easily knock the hole thing off in maybe 2 posts about 2,000 words. Boy was I wrong! I published Fridays post and realized that Alex Tsimerman’s review was 1400 words! Fuck. I was in the zone in the 8 hours it took to write it. So, I’ll change things up, and keep it brief for each candidate. Here we go…

page 21 of the wa state voters guide.
I feel I waver between the professional and laziness spectrum for photos. Perfect Instagram photos are so boring to me. Life is about appreciating imperfection. Humans aren’t perfect.

Candidate # 2: Phil Fortunato. Republican Party.

Overall impression: Phil’s profile is a standard for a current elected official. Makes sense as he has held office on three separate occasions. I don’t agree with his Republican politics so I know I’m not voting for him. The current Republican politics of America are callous and selfish. Covid-19 is a human survival issue. Wearing masks, keeping your distance from people, and washing your hands is being considerate to your fellow human. It’s about being responsible for your actions. It’s about not wanting to inflict harm onto others. Don’t be a masskhole. Please, follow the guidelines.

Statement Flaws: Community service- Marriage is not community service. Neither is the number of children you have. To imply so is to say that your kids are sex trophies. Now that’s fucked up. He follows that by pimping out his kids military service for his own gain. Wow.

Things that stand out: “You can check my voting record…” Lol, nope. “Now his(Governor Jay Inslee) inconsistent response to Covid-19 has caused untold economic and social devastation to families and small businesses around the state.” I’m going to have to disagree with this statement. On the basis of science and empathy. My fellow Washingtonians and I were right to vote governor Inslee into office. It’s why our total covid-19 case count is: 53,231. Inslee has been proactive, follows expert advice, and took action early. This is so out of touch with reality.


Candidates 3 and 4 for governor.

Candidate #3: Ryan Ryals. Unaffiliated Party.

Overall impressions: a well written statement with political and extensive professional experience. Honestly I think he has a good shot at winning another race for office in the future just based on this statement. (And if he doesn’t have a past that hurts his chances).

Statement flaws: none.

Things that stand out: He gives a specific example of how he has solved a problem before. “When one of my businesses suffered an 80% drop in sales due to a search engine change, I had tough choices to make. The answer wasn’t to simply cut expenses, raise prices, and complain about taxes. Creative and unusual ideas were what saved that company and made it #1 in its industry nationwide.” I’m a worried that he’s running on the “business owner as politician” angle, considering that we have seen what has happened with Trump… But maybe he will be different. Guess we all will see if he gets elected in the future. I really hope he isn’t one of those business republicans trying to fool people by running unaffiliated.

WA voters guide page 22
Candidate 4 on the right half of the page.

Candidate #4: Leon Aaron Lawson. Trump Republican Party aka Republican Party.

Overall impression: Based on what I’ve said before, I’m not even going to consider voting for this person based on the fact that he is proud to be a Trump supporter. I’m appalled that so many people still support Trump. I don’t have time, the patience, or the fucks to give anymore for his supporters. There’s no dialogue between us across the political aisle.

Voters on the left are called names, the word “liberal” is used like a slur, and protests are met with people with guns. I don’t understand why equality is so controversial in America. The key to solving conflict is by talking to each other with nonviolent communication. Both parties need to be able to listen to each other. The social justice protests are happening because governments haven’t been listening to the treatment minorities get from the police. It’s a waste of my time I have in life. I’m already fighting myself to write more.

Statement flaws: “Grew up in Shelton, WA.” Big whoop. “Created a small business in 2011.” That’s nice, but how successful is it? Anyone can create a small business. And I stopped reading after this acronym in Other professional experience. “WWG1WGA”. I didn’t know what it meant. A quick duckduckgo search came up on Quora.

What does WWG1WGA mean and what is it associated with?

This particular acronym is most likely going to accompany breathless social media or forum posts that are promoting conspiracy theories.

That is because WWG1WGA is an acronym of an unofficial motto of a series of conspiracies collectively known as QAnon. It stands for Where We Go One, We Go All. The phrase does not have a universally agreed upon meaning. Some claim that it means to never give up, while others claim it means to not leave anyone behind.

The QAnon conspiracy theories are a recent spate of inter-connected conspiracies that are often incoherent and contradictory, but loosely play along the lines that there is a concerted and covert “deep state” effort across the globe to remove President Trump from the White House.”

It’s code for the QANON conspiracy theories. Ugh. Just no. I already feel disgusted having to write this much about this conspiracy theory. Trump has plenty of actual conspiracies happening right now, such as Russian involvement in the 2016 election. To save your time, and to save me from getting a migraine, I’ll skip to his last words… “WWG1WGA, so, I can’t lose.” Hahaha. “We will change it from the tippy top.” When the hell was the last time in your life you heard anyone use the phrase “tippy top” past like 4th grade. I wish this man finds the help he needs. He won’t find it as an elected official. The proof from his statement: ” I was treated like a criminal growing up because I chose marijuana over prescribed pharmaceuticals.” Bro, first off, any modern pot smoker knows you call it cannabis. Second, while I agree finding the right medicine for your problems is difficult, cannabis isn’t a substitute for prescription drugs. Cannabis can be helpful, but my impression from him is that he needs to take a break from weed because it’s making him paranoid.

Candidates 5 and 6… Henry Clay Dennison, and Tim Eyman

Candidate #5: Henry Clay Dennison. Socialist Workers Party.

Overall impression: A well written statement which shows his many years in working class/blue collar jobs. I’m trying not to be biased because Dennison’s politics are a mirror image of my own. I don’t understand why safe working conditions, a liveable wage, the right to protest for better living conditions, protecting immigrants, and the right to join a union are far left politics.

Statement flaws: “The working class needs to work.” I don’t believe that people need to work. It’s more a necessary evil required in our capitalist world. Unfortunately all of us non rich people have to work, just like we have to use the toilet to relieve ourselves. I resent that our choices are homelessness, live on someone else’s money, or working. Clearly I’m in the “work to live” camp in this regard. (Maybe this is simply my pessimistic bias of working mostly minimum wage jobs my whole life. Sigh. One more thing to work on in therapy.)

Last impression: Yet another candidate with a solid statement without elected experience. Another candidate to look forward to in the future in another race. I don’t mind that he’s from the Socialist Workers Party. Which is crazy here in America these days.

Candidate #6, Tim Eyman.

Candidate #6: Tim Eyman. Republican Party.

Overall impression: I can’t be objective with Tim Eyman because he is notorious in this state for putting rigtht wing, anti-tax initiatives on the ballot every year. The first initiative, Initiative 200, “Initiative 200 effectively curtailed any form of affirmative action in the state.” (Wikipedia, Guess he forgot to mention that in his Elected Experience section. I also can’t overlook his controversies. Which include paying himself $165,000 in 2002 from campaign donations, which he was then sued and lost the case against this states Attorney General, and Concealing $800,000 of payments over 7 years. Source 1 Source 2. So I can’t believe him in his statement when he says: “As Governor, I’ll serve you.”

Things that stand out: Has a business degree from WSU “(Graduated cum laude). WSU wrestling (tim placed 3rd in the PAC-10)” Great a smart jock that likes to point it out, who was great at wrestling Decades ago. You only need to mention this on a resume if you recently got out of college, not decades later.

I’m starting to see a bizarre pattern with community service… I don’t think people know what else to put in this section because… “Challenged Inslee’s lock down in state and federal court.” This isn’t community service. Ugh. “Tim comes from a long tradition of adoption: his father was adopted, Tim was adopted, Tim’s 3 kids are adopted.” I couldn’t place why this phrase was so familiar, then it hit me. It’s the spoiler line Luke Skywalker says in Return of the Jedi, which without spoiling, reveals his past to another major character. Does Tim Eyman think he has the force? Other than that, that quoted bit is weird because being adopted is something that happens to you. It is a great thing to adopt kids. But it isn’t community service, and certainly not when you pimp your own kids for personal gain. All he needed was this: “Tim advocates for easing adoption for parents and kids.” Guess I wouldn’t had much to write if he gave this statement another editing pass!

The "To be continued" endroll for the anime one piece.

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