One vote in Seattle, part 3.

Candidate #8: Goodspaceguy. Trump Republican Party.

Overall impression: Well, it was good while it lasted. Liz Hallock was a breath of fresh air, and now we are back to Trump’s farts. This person, this profile is the one candidate I dreaded writing about. I do not want this mentally ill person to be in a position of power. The first few times, I laughed and moved on to the realistic candidates. After Trump being elected, I can not do this. So, time to give him the proper roast and accountability he deserves.

Statement flaws,Things that stand out: First off, what sane person thinks “Goodspaceguy” is a good idea to legally change your name to? This would only make sense if he was a pop music artist. This only makes sense as a username on a message board. Welp, answered my own question. He has lost touch with reality by living online that he decided that his online username was so popular that it could make him an elected official, like Kayne. (which, god dammit) It’s no surprise that he put “Trump Republican” as his party affiliation after years of “unaffiliated”.

Elected experience: “Goodspaceguy has run against perennial incumbents 21 times. Sometimes Goodspaceguy survived the primary election to go on to the November General Election.” For those not familiar with him, GSG talks in third person about himself in his profiles. This whole whole section should be funny, but just pisses me off. Kudos to him to keep trying. Sometimes he survived to go on to the General election?! Sometimes is one time too many.

Flaws, continued: Other professional experience: “Chemical Plant Operator” It all makes sense now…

Education section… So he has a Bachelors Degree and a Masters degree, but doesn’t say what the focuses are. That’s suspicious… No wonder he has lost touch with reality. He probably was exposed to hazardous chemicals in his job as a Chemical Plant Operator. he can’t even remember his own college degrees. I think he needs medical/psychological help. Running for office won’t fix this. “Goodspaceguy also gained knowledge of several Germanic and Romance languages” So, not fluent. I know because I’ve “gained knowledge” of Spanish through 2 years of high school, and 3 years of watching subtitled Japanese anime. But I ain’t fluent in either. Which makes this another useless thing to put in your statement aka political resume.

Community service: “Membership and offices in many special interest clubs”

Statement section:

I studied business and economics and have taken science as a lifelong hobby.”

“Viruses will always attack you. Your immune system defends you. As governor, I will not shut down your businesses or forbid you to go to work. Shut downs lower the living standard. If we listen, economics can tell us how to raise the living standard. Scientific technology can also help raise our living standard. How can research, such as stem cell research, improve our bodies? How many robots would you want to supervise to make your work easier? Let’s make it easy for people to get into the workforce so that more people can help with the raising of the living standard and the paying of their bills.” Oh boy. GSG you have no idea how dangerous this statement is. Once you get into a position of power like Governor, ignorant things like this gets people killed. You should know as you’ve “studied”, but didn’t get a degree in according to your education section, that no economy works without people able to work the jobs. There is no living standard if everyone dies from Covid-19. Or if they are forced to go to work, get sick, and die because they can’t afford the hospital bills… If they are even able to get treated because the hospitals would be overwhelmed by the infected. You can not lead on your own. That is not how our system of government works. You have to work with experts who know more than yourself. Being a hobbyist doesn’t cut it.

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