I’m taking a blogging break.

I just made the same mistake twice and over-shared on a blog post. I took that post down now. I had a bad feeling and reread that post. I was disgusted. That post could have caused problems. I’m was best to trash it. Something just didn’t feel right. Maybe I’m overthinking again.

I’m sorry about that.

I need a break from blogging. A mental health break from blogging. I need to clear my head. Been a lot going on with my family. I’m scraping by mentally. Feeling emotionally exhausted.

I have some therapy assignments as a new weekly goal. Going to the park twice a week, going to meetup.com, and more. I’m doing this for my own sake. I chose to commit again to therapy. I’m in therapy to heal, learn, and change. I need to remind myself that this is what I want.

Less time away from my phone will help too.

I need experiences to write about.

Gotta get my groove back.


  • I didn’t see the post, but I just want to see that you shouldn’t beat yourself up too hard. We’re all human.Sometimes it feels good to just write things down. If it’s a situation you’re worried about – write it down on the page and then tear up the page. It’s cathartic.

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  • I missed the post, but everyone gets caught up and over shares now and then. It happens, and it’s all good. It might cause problems, and it might not – who’s to say? You recognized it was an overshare and pulled it. What more can you possibly ask for from yourself? Feel better, energized and reborn soon!

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  • Take all the time you need and hope things look up soon.

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  • Linda A Daniels

    Dear Reilly… We’re all struggling these days. I think it’s essential to try to under stand what other generational groups are thinking. You have helped with that. Please don’t disappear…

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  • Dear Reilly, I have hesitated to put in my 2 cents worth, but just wanted to mention that some of us have a pen name for our blogs and don’t share it with family so we can say whatever we want without worrying about how someone else will feel. We all have a need to be able to share the thoughts and feelings that weigh on us. Hope you’re back soon.

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    • I like this idea Olivia. I think being somewhat anonymous was helpful last year. Maybe this is something I need to vent and feel connected. I think I might be burned out. So far this time away has helped. I’ll be back soon 🙂


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