Waiting for results

Can't see the forest from the trees while I wait for my covid result...

Waiting for a Covid test result…

I got a covid test today.

It was simple as calling the doctor’s office yesterday, and getting an appointment.

I drove to the facility and parked at a designated parking spot. I arrived to nab the one open space. Three white tents with a taped piece of paper: call ***-***-**** to check-in.

I open the phone app on my phone, and enter the phone number. As it connects, I press speaker option. Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring… Nobody is picking up. The parking lot is about 80 percent full, and it’s 110pm, so they must be busy. The call ends.

I connect bluetooth and put on the Cloud of Unknowing.:

It’s a somber, soulful song which matches my worries. I don’t know how this test will turn out.

I call the number again, and check in. Now I have to wait.

I don’t have long to worry, as the man in the car in the parking spot to my right has a medical professional approach his car. The professional is wearing a white lab coat, N95 face mask, a plastic face shield, and disposable gloves.

I pause the music to observe.

The man in the car opens the door ajar, wearing a baby blue disposable mask. The professional explains the procedure to him.

Put the swab in each nostril and swab inside each for 15 seconds. Then you hand the swab back to her with your mask back on.

He finishes his test, hands the swab to her, and she tells him to expect results in 2-5 days depending on how busy the lab is. The man asks about work, and the professional says that the office will write a letter if requested for a positive result.

A moment later, the medical professional repeats the covid-19 test procedure with me. She ends with “Until you get your results, act like you have it.”

I drive home. Pondering my life. While it’s unlikely I have it, and there is a high chance I recover, I could die. I could die in the next two weeks.

I feel like I’ve barely become an average man. Never known romantic love, what it feels like to achieve a dream, never been independent, haven’t even had an amazing date… Haven’t had sex.

Is this really it? Is this really the best I could do in 34 years?

I’m trying to be positive about my life. But I’m not satisfied how it is. I hope my destiny isn’t to die from covid.

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Please wear a mask outside that covers your mouth and nose, wash your hands, clean your cell phone, and keep your physical distance (6 feet) from others to fight Covid-19! 

© Reilly Anderson. 2020. All rights reserved.

Update 12-15-2020: Test results negative for me and everyone at work!


  • Fingers crossed for a negative!
    And very curious as to how you’re now possibly going to make some epic changes to unaverage your life?
    They don’t need to be grand to be awesome, I’ve learned!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I hope its negative too! I think the hardest part of the Covid lockdown has been the lack of outside activities anyone can do. Oh well, gotta continue to be patient with that. I need a shakeup of some kind that would be small, that I can do in my living space. Hm…. Maybe it’s time to change the layout of my room.


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