In a Viktor Frankl mood; Migraine hangover.

Struggling to write lately

I haven’t been feeling well physically lately. Had a really bad headache on Saturday that felt like a migraine. I haven’t had one in a while, and had forgotten how awful they feel. My guess is that it’s due to my lack of self care. I haven’t been exercising or moving around much, eating healthy– eating too much processed foods such as ramen– spending all day on a screen watching anime or anxiously browsing the internet, and not doing fulfilling non screen activities. I need to get back on my meditation routine.

For now, I need to recover from this. Just when I thought that I wouldn’t have migraines again. I guess it wasn’t due to my previous medication combination. Fuck.

Dizziness, sensitivity to light and certain sounds, mental fogginess, and a mild headache? That’s a migraine hangover alright…

While I need to continue to work on figuring out new goals, passions, meaning, and dreams for my life, for the immediate future I need to recover from this. I can barely look at my phone screen as I type this.


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