Remembering my cat Flip.

Picture of my car flip in the grass, looking at something
Flip in his prime, and the best photo of him.

To Flip:

A year ago, on 12/18/19, I had to put my 18-year-old kitty down. He couldn’t drink water, eat food, or void. He couldn’t bathe. His kidneys had been failing. The poor baby couldn’t move around, and his meows… A weak squeak. Despite his health problems, he didn’t want to leave my side. So I helped him get on my lap or my bed. His name was Flip. He has been my best friend since I first met him at 16. He was there every day through the most challenging years of my life. And his death marked the beginning of a new chapter in life. He taught me about unconditional love. Loyalty. Patience. And eventually, how to love again after a devastating loss. Though I never wanted him to leave, Rest in peace, Flip. I’ll always love you. Fly on, my sweet Angel…

Me sitting on a lazy boy chair with cats Flip (left), and Tip (right) sitting on the chair arms.
My favorite picture of my kitties Flip, and Tip. Such good boys.

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