Netflix and chill afternoon date by myself.

It’s a grey December day.

Misty rain;

Almond milk latte;

Durban poison;

A bowl of popcorn with cajun spice.

The last day of work, delayed, yet I’m still laid off.

As a life long single person, I’m quite comfortable dating myself. For a long time I’ve assumed I didn’t date myself. Another positive aperçu from 2020.

An overcast day… Perfect for Netflix and chill with the cats.

I feel like watching a kids movie…

Madagascar 2: whatever

I turn to Madagascar 2. I’ve seen it once before and remember nothing about it. It sucks. Sucks because the writing is awful. There no conflict, and every plot point resolved with dues ex machina bs. There’s no tension or intrigue. It’s 90 minutes of animals moving around and a classic case of “And then” writing. At worst, it teaches terrible lessons like “Love has no boundaries”, or, uncomfortably racist when all the zebra’s are identical to Chris Rocks zebra character.

10 minutes later and I’m already forgetting about it. Won’t be watching that again.

My guess is that it’s purpose is to distract kids for 90 minutes while parents get a break.

3:56pm PST in a Seattle winter feels like 6:56pm Seattle fall.

The princess and the frog

Seeking a better movie, I choose The Princess and the frog. It’s even better than I remember. Amazing movies like this have a hypnotic quality that make it impossible not to watch or be distracted by the allure of a smartphone.


Truly an under rated disney classic. It’s got voodoo, new Orleans jazz, a gator that wants to play trumpet in a jazz band, the classic disney animated style, and a fresh take on their classic princess genre. All wrapped in a New Orleans cajun flair.

I really wish I chose to watch The Princess and the frog first!

It’s a shame that disney only does those lame remakes these days. I don’t understand why people pay for a lesser live action remake.

December blog marathon:

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