Fantasy Football Part 3: The Conclusion and an Unbelievable Finish!

Shoulda Coulda Woulda Didn’t. Fantasizing about an alternate Fantasy Football Universe.

Would it have made a difference if the format was the same as it was in the beginning? Let’s take a look at the scores for the first round that week, Week 15:

My team had 158.34 points. The alternate universe opponent had 120.06 points. If I win, I will advance to round 2.

Week 16, Round 2 (alternate universe): Me, 147.96 points. Alternate universe opponent, 138.8 points. A win, advancing to round 3.

Week 17, Round 3 (alternate universe): Me, 94.92 points. My second worse score of the season. Alternate Universe Opponent, who ironically I lost to in our real-life first round of the playoffs… 103.4 points.

I would still lose at the end in the alternate universe.

Sigh. Lol.

Since I did vote for this playoff structure along with everyone else, I can’t complain about how things turned out.

Even in the different format in an alternate universe where the game scores were the same… I would have placed 2nd.

But… Knowing how alternate universes work, it is far more likely in a mathematical sense that I could have experienced many universes where the outcomes were different to my detriment.

I’m just in the bargaining stage of grief.

I should have but I didn't and so here we are gif.

The reality of Round Two:

Picture of the scoreboard from my ESPN Fantasy Football League. Round 2 of the playoffs.
My team is here at the very bottom. I won, but it felt empty.

Continued on Quarter 4 (Page 4)


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