Thanks, Migraine.

Make it stop. An image about how migraines feel to experience. Like your head explodes.

So much for previous plans…

So, I’ve been useless for the past 36 hours or so. Looking back, it makes sense why I had a minor headache on Thursday. It makes sense why I had trouble focusing Thursday night and had interrupted sleep. Why I woke up exhausted and sleepy on Friday and couldn’t concentrate? I had a migraine. I’ve been recovering since. I was sleeping all day in a dark, quiet room.

While I don’t feel pain as long as I don’t focus… I have a migraine hangover today. I saw a meme that describes it best: it’s like being drunk without any of the benefits and being hungover simultaneously. This results in at least two days I can’t do much. Thankfully I don’t get migraines as often anymore, but it still sucks.

Maybe it’s because it’s been hot, and on Thursday night/Friday morning the barometric pressure changed. Or just because.

A brain slug on Hermes. Source Futurama.

So, I’ll likely be better in a couple of days.

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