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Frazil Soul

Icy roots, frazil, ice rivers. Freezing ice.

Frazil Soul:

Turbulence disturbs my inner soul.

Frazil needles pierce its boundaries.

Grey skies dampen optimistic energy.

Can’t you see I’m freezing to death?

What hope is there in this ocean blizzard storm?

No ships, no ice to climb on, no way out.

I can’t tread much longer in this freezing ocean.

In the waters below, death in a black abyss.

Above water and all around us, a blizzard you can’t see through.

Where’s the rescue boats?

Where’s the meaning of life in this disaster?

Where’s the rescue boats?

Is this how it ends?

Swim on. Might as well persist until you can’t.

Swim on, blind, numb, and afraid. There’s nothing to do but survive.

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